FEBA held three peer-visits in 2017

FEBA held three successful peer-visits in 2017. All visits were sponsored by Kellogg. See which best practices were exchanged for each visit: 

The Ciechanów food bank (Poland) visited the Courtrai food bank, in Belgium

May 30th – June 1st 2017

Best practices exchanged:

  • Close collaboration with the National Federation which funds a large part of the local food banks
  • Products with “best-before” date can be distributed  after the date using anew expiration date based on recommendations made by  the national food safety authority according to the type of products is r
  • Online crowd funding  from individuals is used for the purchase of equipment

The Kielce and Olsztyn food banks (Poland) visited the Lisbon food bank in Portugal

June 20th -22nd  2017

Best practices exchanged:

  • Management consulting for struggling charity partners of the Lisbon food bank is provided by a sister  third party NGO “Entrajuda” – which enables the food bank to ensure a quality service from its partner NGOs.
  • Fundraising campaign: mobilizing individuals, schools and collaborators to donate their wasted paper to the Lisbon food bank, who in returns receive a monetary donation from the local recycling company. This is used to buy food products for redistribution.
  • E-learning module for volunteer training – making it easy and accessible to volunteers at a local food drive. The Polish Federation has also developed such module for the benefits of its members and their volunteers. 

The Calvados food bank visited the Barcelona food bank in Spain

September 14th-15th 2017

Best practices exchanged:

  • Website carefully designed for donations – each donation shows the donor how many meals he/she/the company is providing with the given amount.
  • Partnership with all local media which provide ad-space and publications about the food banks’ activity on a pro-bono agreement.
  • Process for transforming  donated fruits and vegetables received from EU withdrawals into juice  
  • Specific warehouse dedicated to store and sort the products received during the annual food drive
  • Specific volunteer-recruiting website exclusively for the annual food drive (manages to mobilize 20.000 people)



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