Highlights from FEBAs annual convention in Rotterdam

More than 90 delegates from 30 countries traveled to the city to join the two-day annual convention.

The convention was kicked-off by the Dutch State Secretary of Social affairs and Employment, Jetta Klijnsma. Mrs. Klijnsma, who is a longtime advocate for food banking, stated that food banks give much more than “just” food: “Food banks of course help people with food, but also help people in other ways. They can help them to get their administration in order (again) or to apply for income assistance. Or they give advice and empower people. Food banks can also refer clients for help to other institutions, for instance municipalities.” Her message was clear: food banks provide a safety net to many people in need and their existence is therefore vital to the future of Europe.

Sharing fundraising skills

“The sustainability of food banks” was the central theme chosen for the convention this year with a specific focus on fundraising strategies and best practices.

The first session was dedicated to the topic of corporate partnerships and how to establish a model of collaboration that is a sustainable win-win for both the partnering company and the food bank. Five representatives from Unilever, CHEP/Brambles, Kellogg, Cargill and FrieslandCampina, gave insightful presentations on how and why they cooperate with food banks, by either donating food or by funding capacity building or skill development projects.

The FEBA award 2017 was attributed to Unilever in recognition of its support to FEBA developing food banks in Central and South Europe during the last three years.

FEBA wishes to thank: Unilever, CHEP/Brambles, Kellogg, Cargill and FrieslandCampina for their inspiring contributions to our Global Partner Session.

The second session involved presentations by Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare UK and Lisa Moon CEO of the Global Food banking Network. Both speakers shared their long experience of fundraising for non-profit organizations from various sources by providing multiple examples of partnerships and addressing questions from the audience.

We are very grateful to the volunteers from the Dutch Federation, for their perfect logistical organization of the convention.