HOTREC, Metro and FEBA collaborate on food donation guidelines

In October 2016, the umbrella association for the hospitality industry in Europe, Hotrec, METRO AG and FEBA signed a framework agreement to collaborate on reducing food waste among cafés, restaurants and hotels. The three parties will support the implementation and use of the newly launched European hospitality industry guidelines to reduce food waste and to manage food donation developed by Hotrec for its members across Europe.

These guidelines provide 9 practical waste-saving-solutions (pillars) concerning the preparation of the menu, purchasing, storage and packaging, recycling and food donation. Furthermore the guidelines include specific recommendations on how to begin-, and carry out- a successful food donation to a local charity.

Hotrec represents 1.8 million enterprises who now have the needed tools to begin regulating and reducing their food waste. During the launch of the guidelines at the EU parliament in Brussels on January 31st, MEP Biljana Borzan, stated: “Every crumb that finds its way to a person in need instead of a waste bin takes us a step closer towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development goal 12.3.”

FEBA’s Secretary General also spoke at the launch event, and underlined the importance of trust between the enterprises and receiving charity organizations: “The recommendations by Hotrec will further raise awareness and help build trust between the donors and the receivers”

Read the Guidelines on food waste reduction