Updates from Greece during COVID-19 crisis


Updated on 30/04:


In the difficult times we are going through due to the coronavirus crisis, the Food Bank continues its important work: to support people who are suffering, in conditions of isolation, and who face misery every day.


Hundreds of volunteers in charities are at the forefront, helping those in need, with unparalleled zeal and self-sacrifice. The Food Bank Greece has collected more than 440,000 kilos of food since the beginning of the year thanks to the support of 54 companies. The food has been donated to 148 charities, giving a breath of life and a breath of optimism to more than 38,000 people. 


The Greek Food Industry participates in this project with ongoing donations of food products, being a remarkable ally, which strengthens the effort of the Food Bank. The response of all companies is touching, while more food donations are planned for the next few days!


But we must not forget the ordinary citizens who also offer from their backwardness to relieve those who suffer the most.


Collective effort always works best and we are always present, tirelessly helping where the need calls us.


Updated on 15/04:

As soon as the HORECA closed, many tons of diaries, snacks, soft drinks etc., could not follow their way to the market.
During the last 10 days, Food Bank Greece accepted more than 40 tons of food deriving from closed shops and commercial activities. It is mainly fresh and perishable food that requires cold rooms, and this is one of the main challenges for the Food Bank.

The deliveries to charities were speed up to free some space storage for the increased amount of donations of surplus food from companies.


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