Updates from Portugal during COVID-19 crisis

Updated on 4/05:

As a result of the precautions imposed by COVID 19, several Portuguese charities that work with Food Banks suspended their activity, supressing the supply of food to a large number of deprived people.  Nevertheless, some of these organisations, if helped by Volunteers, can reorganise, and distribute food to the most needed.

Aware of this dramatic situation, that is becoming bigger every day, the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks in partnership with ENTRAJUDA launched “Rede de Emergência Alimentar” (Food Emergency Network), accessed by its internet website. In a technological way we allow the registration of:

– those who need food and have no means to buy it

– those who want to volunteer to transport food near their homes

– those who offer to cook meals

– those who offer to act as “collecting points” for food and meals (Municipalities or Charities)

– those who are willing to offer food (Food Industry, Supply Chains, Agriculture…)

– those who want to donate money.

It is being organized covering the whole country, a system that, with all information collected, makes it possible to give food aid and deliver meals to those who are lonely and on a more hopeless situation.Under the central coordination of the Federation and ENTRAJUDA, Food Banks manage the platform locally, each on its own region in straight connexion with the social organizations and municipalities.A brand has been developed for free by a corporate, a film has been produced also for free and social media gave a huge divulgationBolsa do Voluntariado is now exclusively dedicated to managing volunteers.

Food Banks are present in this challenging moment where people in need are more than ever willing for support and hope.

In Portugal we keep on with the good work.

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