Food Banks in France are mobilized to help students

Students are among the most affected by the consequences of the current health crisis. As a consequence, many initiatives are springing up all over France to provide them with food but also moral support and benevolent accompaniment.

French Food Banks have been mobilized for several years against student precariousness, in particular through a hundred partnerships with specialized structures. But since last spring and to respond to the urgency observed in the field, they have been able to innovate with direct distribution on campuses, the creation of student solidarity grocery stores, or the establishment of new partnerships, in particular with CROUS (organizations whose vocation is to promote the improvement of the living and working conditions of students).

In total, the Food Bank network has 23 new partner associations since March 2020 which are aimed exclusively at students and 18-25 year old. And a large majority of Food Banks now support schemes for students.

An essential mobilization: since the start of the health crisis, a third of French students say they have encountered financial difficulties, according to the National Observatory for Student Life.


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