Wiener Tafel launches the campaign “Is this still good?”

On 30 June, Wiener Tafel, FEBA Member in Austria, launched its campaign “Is this still good?” to raise awareness on the meaning behind the best before date and thereby preventing misconceptions resulting in food waste. In cooperation with different partners from the private economic and non-profit sector, the initiative has been realised through posters, stickers, and a social media campaign. Among others, they display a product with its best before date and an explanation on the duration in which it can be consumed after its exceedance. Moreover, they inform about the use by date defining the actual expiration of the food item and therewith the date after which the food safety of the product cannot be guaranteed. However, the use by date can only be found on very delicate and quickly perishing food items.  Overall, the goal is to educate and empower people to save food in their own homes and therefore help preventing food waste that results from wrong interpretations of the best before date.

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